Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Building the Smart City from the ground up

Where is the Smart City of the Future?
By Jefferey Alan Wilson Sr.
Didn't we all really think we would be living in some sort of computer run home by now? Maybe there would be robots doing our bidding and advanced vehicles that drive themselves. Yet, no shining example stands out that we can point to and say "Wow, look there it is".
Several Eastern World Cities have broken ground and will be fine pillars to their community. But where is ours in the Western World? America used to lead the modern world in technology, now we are far behind. So, I ask the question again, "What will it take to get Americas ship pointed in the right direction?"
I will say this: it starts with a collective mindset, in which we will get back to the pioneer spirit that made American great. This movement must ignite in America because it is in our DNA to make things hip, cool and desirable so the whole world will follow in our footsteps again.
In following blogs I will talk more about the who, how and why of building a smart sustainable city. For now, I shall leave you with this: the mindset must be open source, collaborative and intuitive in order to be magic.

Jeff Wilson Sr. completes 7 years of research and development at TechShop San Jose
in his open source solar dual algorithm for a smart home community.